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1. What is Turkish Proficiency Test (TPT)?

TPT is a test developed by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü for assessment of basic language skills which can be taken internationally and aims to test language proficiency of individuals who learn Turkish as mother or foreign language. 

2. Who can take Turkish Proficiency Test?

Individuals who learn Turkish as a foreign language, students who are required to certify their Turkish language proficiency to apply and enroll in universities in Turkey, prospective teachers who aim to instruct Turkish in institutions abroad, translators who wish to certify their Turkish language proficiency, in short all who wish to test their Turkish language skills can take TPT.

3. Why should I take Turkish Proficiency Test?

Turkish Proficiency Test is for assessment and certification of Turkish language skills. By passing Turkish Proficiency Test, you may become exempt from language preparation classes in Turkish universities, certify your knowledge of Turkish without having to take language tests in job applications, and utilize the certificate for your academic career goals.

4. How can I apply for the Turkish Proficiency Exam?

You can apply for the exam online at the following address: sinav.yee.org.tr.

5. What are the sections in Turkish Proficiency Test?

Developed in compliance with international standards, Turkish Proficiency Test features “Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking (Speaking and Conversation)” sections. Candidates who pass the test which tests reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, are qualified for Turkish Proficiency Certificates.

6. How is the Turkish Proficiency Exam given?

The Turkish Proficiency Exam is administered in tree sessions. The candidates answer questions related to their reading and listening skills in the 1st session, writing skills in the 2nd session and independent speaking and conversation skills in the 3rd session.

7. What is the duration of the Turkish Proficiency Exam?

The Turkish Proficiency Exam lasts for a total of 180 minutes: 60 minutes for reading, 45 minutes for listening, 60 minutes for writing, 5 minutes for independent speaking and 10 minutes for conversation.

8. How many times is the Turkish Proficiency Exam held in a year?

The Turkish Proficiency Exam is held three times a year at the dates specified by Yunus Emre Institute and announced at tys.yee.org.tr. The exam is given simultaneously in Turkey and at all countries with Yunus Emre Institute's Turkish Culture Centers.

9. Is there a Turkish Proficiency Test sample I can access?

You may download a TPT sample at tys.yee.org.tr.