Art Workshop for Yemeni Children


Yunus Emre Institute- London hosted a painting workshop for Yemen with the participation of children from different countries in London.

Yunus Emre Institute- London held a painting workshop for Yemen with the participation of Yemeni children living in London under the guidance of the Turkish journalist and contemporary artist Dilek Yalcin.

The event that took place on June 13 Saturday was part of a project which aimed to attract attention to children's dying of starvation in Yemen. 

The world is facing a humanitarian crisis in Yemen since 2015 and every 10 minutes- according to Human Rights Watch - one Yemeni child is losing his life because of malnutrition and famine.

Yunus Emre Institute London in cooperation with young artists' platform ARTOPIA is aiming to bring the case to the mainstream media's attention through an art project.

Children living in London came together for a painting workshop and expressed their feelings through their artworks to be the voice of their fellows in Yemen.

The paintings will be exhibited at the City Hall of London Municipality in the following weeks to attract more attention of the international media. 

Dilek Yalcin who mentored the workshop is an artist and journalist currently based in London. After an MA degree at International Relations and covering stories from the Middle East and many countries as a journalist, she decided to lead art projects to help the children especially having war traumas and spread out hope for them.  She is also the founder of ARTOPIA: Arts for Global Good, an artists’ platform based on the idea of making the world a better place through arts.