A Century History of Halas is shown at the London Yunus Emre Enstitüsü


In the presence of Dr. Mehmet Karakuşu, the Director of London Yunus Emre Enstitüsü and other distinguish guests,  the opening ceremony began with short speeches of Sercan Evcim, from the Turkish Embassy, and John Lawton and was followed by screening of documentary. The documentary directed by John Lawton shows Halas’s 100 hundred years history starting from its 1914 until nowadays. The documentary covers how the ship was sent to Gallipoli as a warship under the name of Waterwitch, and how it became passengers ferry in Istanbul, to be used for almost half a century under the name of Halas. The documentary also shows when Turkish publisher Haldun Simavi and his wife, Çiğdem bought and turned it into a luxury motor yacht which currently belongs to the Koç familiy ans operates commercially out of İstanbul. In addition to documentary, fotograpfs regarding the history of Halas were also shown at the exibition which will be opened at 10 Maple Street, W1T 5HA until 30 November.