Hagia Irene Echoed with Sultan’s Compositions


The Yunus Emre Institute organized a “Composer Sultans” concert in the Hagia Irene, Istanbul, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The works composed by Ottoman Sultans were performed by a 35-member orchestra including 12 musicians from different countries under the direction of Chef Musa Göçmen. The concert was attended by many selected invitees a well as Ney Artist Bilgin Canaz and Qanunist Tahir Aydoğdu.

Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş, Head of the Institute, made comments to the correspondent of the Anatolian News Agency following the concert organized within the framework of the “Colors of Anatolia” culture and art tour. He pointed out  the concert was one of the projects organized to promote Turkey’s culture and traditional motifs in five continents and performed in various parts of the world, adding that it was staged in Turkey with 12 musicians from 10 countries as it has been shown extraordinary interest.

Prof. Dr. Ateş underlined that they have chosen the Hagia Irene as the venue for the concert, which transmits the message that Istanbul has been the hub and cradle of peace and co-existence desired by the world. He added: “The Hagia Irene demonstrates how tolerant the Ottoman Empire behaved towards other cultures and religions for 600 years and the fact that it defended the rights of every community and individual. Even though they have been situated within the Topkopı Palace for 600 years, these monuments haven’t been damaged or destroyed. They were preserved.”

In the concert which interpreted traditional motifs with a universal voice, Christine Kharazian from USA, Jorge Andres Berbero from Argentina, Lirza Zaloshnja from Albania, Ana Isabel Ferreira Rebello from Brazil, Alik Arekelyan and Marina Hokobyan Fram Armenia, Lauren Grace Baker from UK, Eyal Moshe Shiloach from Israel, Cyprian Kamil Komza from Poland, Lucian Moraru from Romania and Chrysanthi Garyfalliaz Kostadima from Greece shared the same stage with their Turkish colleagues.

The works perfomed in the concert incleded “Uzzal Peshrev” of Sultan Murad IV, “Shehnaz Peshrev” of Sultan Mammud I, “Pesandide Peshrev of Sultan Selim III, “Neva Peshrev and “Evic Saz Semai”  of Sultan Beyazid II, “Invitation to the Valse” and “Hedjaz Sirto and Hedjaz Mandıra” of Sultan Abdulaziz and “Hedjaz Kalender” of Sultan Mahmud II. The concert ended with a selection of works from the participant countries.

 “The Colors of Anatolia” will meet with art lovers in Washington and Ottowa after Istanbul.