Londra Film Haftasi


London Turkish Film Week is back for a second year between 24th and 30th April with a raft of talented film-makers, actors, academics and special guests.

 Following a modest but well-attended clutch of premieres on the Strand in chillier December 2018, the 2nd ?????? ??????? ???? ???? springs on to the splendid screen of the historic Regent Street Cinema - the venue where the Freres Lumiere first presented films in Great Britain, which has now been restored and transformed into one of the loveliest cinemas in London.

From ???? to ???? ????? ???? a baker's dozen of new features, shorts and documentaries, representing a feast of films that have found favour with audiences across Turkey, and already won many festival awards and praise from critics around the world, will be unveiled here and in other venues including King's College on the Strand, the School of Oriental Studies in the heart of Bloomsbury, the sumptuous cinema inside the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, above Liverpool Street Station, and the organising host the Yunus Emre Institute in Fitzrovia.

We first go to SOAS  and Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – London for documentaries, Let the Kid Play and Guardian of Angels as well as a talk on Turkish Dramas with its ever increasing popularity.  Following that we go to the legendary Regent Street Cinema for a talk on Netflix, At the Flicks or Netflix and 9 worthy Turkish Films. The 9 starts and ends with the blockbusters Çiçero and Turkish Ice Creamrespectively and includes recent festival entrees and winners:  Yellow HeatYozgat Blues, Brothers, Halef, The Pigeon, Murtaza and Sideway. London Turkish Film Week then continues with the free film screening of Smell of Money at EBRD.

The last day ends at Kings College London with a screening of various short films. London Turkish Film Week’s last event pays tribute to the late Ömer Lütfi Akad with a screening and talk of Law of the Border, the film that marked a turning point in Turkish Film. The talk features a discussion with Istanbul Şehir University Professor Nezih Erdoğan and King’s College lecturer Dr Iain Robert Smith and moderated by broadcaster Phillip Bergson.


All films will be screened with English sub-titles. Tickets are now on sale for all the public screenings or events via www.yeelondon.org.uk & www.regentsreetcinema.com

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