Meet the Author Series 2: Consciousness and Creativity


The second of the Meet the Author Series continues with another fascinating subject, “Consciousness and Creativity” and was introduced to the excited audience of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

The evening was chaired by Dr. David Parry who welcomed Mr. Anthony Peake, the noted Freelance journalist Stephen M. Bland as well as the critically acclaimed playwright, impresario and theatre director, Andrew Rea.

With the second session, the three writers had the opportunity to discuss their own individual journey into the mysteries of human consciousness and the creative impact these explorations have subsequently had on their specific fields of expertise.

Antony Peak briefly explained his description of creativity and consciousness with examples from real life events he had experienced and mentioned that we fool ourselves that we are conscious but we are not. He also added that modern science is not even anywhere near the consciousness and explained more about his books based on life and death and how it all explains the human kind.

Andrew Rea started his words by explaining his architect background and his fascination of writing, mainly, about Anglo-Saxon times. As he read more about this ancient time he wrote his first poem ‘February’  and later wrote 14 poems including one about Christmas and the rest of the calender months. He mentioned about painting a picture in his mind and writes according to this picture. After which he explained the connection between consciousness and the mind. He continued by reading three poems inspired from Anglo-Saxon times.

Stephen M. Bland, with a slide show, gave examples of his favourite places and spoke about the creativity and consciousness in the context of Central Asia.

The evening ended with Q & A section from the audience. The next session will take place in April at Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – London.