Meet the Author Series(6th):The Unknown Fallen by Luc Ferier


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü - London Meet the Author Series continued with the introduction of the book The Unknown Fallen by Luc Ferier.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü - London hosted the author Luc Ferier for the introduction of his book  the Unknown Fallen which focuses on Muslim soldiers from all continents fighting with the Allied forces in battlefields far away from their home and the friendships between these soldiers in the middle of an ongoing war.

The event started with the speech of the author Luc Ferier with a brief introduction of his book and emphasis on the universal values.

Ferier who is also the founder and chairman of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, said about his book that the reason he wrote the book was to highlight the Muslim soldiers and labourers who were at least 4 million in number from all over the world who fought with the Allied forces with dignity and honour during the World War 1, and also to foster dialogues which are truly transnational, multicultural and interfaith, between peoples of different nations, religions, languages and identities.

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19  Foundation’s founder and author, Luc Ferier, also underlined the importance of such books in today`s Europe where there is rise in racism and discrimination.