Online Calligraphy Courses is Starting

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

This ONLINE Calligraphy course will introduce you to ‘Hüsn-i hat’ according to the Ottoman tradition in the Sülüs/Thuluth script. This course will start with a historical introduction, and an overview of the traditional teaching methods, and materials. Students will be shown how to practice writing each letters and then they will work towards words. Throughout the course students will be guided by calligrapher Fatih Yılmaz with demonstrations and feedback.

Classes will take place through ZOOM, an online platform.

Date:  Tuesday, 21 April – 9 June 2020

Time: 30 minute slots between 2-7 pm as agreed with the Instructor

ZOOM in 2 Easy Steps:

1. You will need an internet enabled device with a microphone and camera such as a laptop, phone or tablet.Phones and tablets: Download zoom app.

Laptops: Visit (No download required)

For further technical support visit

2. You will receive a personalised link sent by the Institute. The link will take you directly to the event.

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to us on