Turkish Archery Courses Launched!


"Kemankeş Project", realized by Yunus Emre Institute and Archers Foundation continues without losing pace.

Within the scope of the project, the athletes who return to their respective countries after an intensive training in Istanbul, will offer courses at specially designed classrooms in Yunus Emre Institute centres in their countries, equipped with fully handcrafted archery materials using resources prepared within the scope of "Turkish Archery" curriculum.

All preparations for "Turkish Archery Courses" to be opened in February at Yunus Emre Institute centres in 16 countries, have been completed and applications are received. The course applications will be received until January 31st, 2018. Anyone interested in Turkish archery and love Turkish culture will be able to participate in the courses as of February. The courses will begin with 36 hours of basic training.

Turkish Archery courses to be opened also in Novi Pazar!

Interest in Turkish archery grows as the project advances to the second stage; athletes from many different cultures and regions demand training to learn about Turkish archery. As a result of this interest, the required preparations to open "Turkish Archery" courses in Novi Pazar city located at Sancak region within Serbia borders, populated mainly by Bosnians, have been launched. As the first step of the activity, the athletes selected from among the applicants in Novi Pazar, gathered in Istanbul Archers Foundation facilities for "Turkish Archery Training" between January 15-22, 2018.

Following the opening ceremony, the athletes visited the museum, mosque, sultan's mansion, library, training areas, workshops and shooting range in the Archers Foundation Sports and Cultural Centre, and started their training. In the course of the week-long training, all theoretical and practical knowledge and experience on traditional Turkish archery will be shared with the athletes. Athletes will also visit the historical and cultural venues of Istanbul as part of the training program, where all relevant topics from Ottoman range arrow making to bow assembly, from archery techniques to Turkish archery scoring system will be taught. A competition where participants will demonstrate their skills will be organized after the training is complete.