Turkish Children In London Pictured 15 July Coup Attempt


Yunus Emre Institute London hosted the painting exhibition held in memory of the 3rd anniversary of 15 July coup attempt. The exhibition organised in cooperation of Yunus Emre Institute London and Turkish Ministry of Education London Consultancy with the participation of 29 paintings by Turkish children living in London and learning Turkish language and culture at the schools subject to Turkish Associations.

During his speech at the opening ceremony, the Counsellor of the Turkey`s Education Consultancy Hasan Unal said they have been teaching Turkish culture and language approximately at 40 schools in their zone of incumbency and they wanted to hold this painting exhibition in order to remind the traitorous coup attempt to the next generations. “We wanted our children living abroad to think about that day and express their feelings through painting,” he said and added that he was among the committee who picked the paintings to be exhibited and he was impressed by what children had narrated through colours.

The Coordinator of Ynus Emre Institute London Dr. Mehmet Karakus also underlined the meaning of the exhibition for the national collective memory and the importance of holding such an exhibition for providing a chance to the children to express their thoughts about the  15 July coup attempt. Karakus also said Yunus Emre Institute London exhibition hall is a good facility for the use of cultural and art events for the sake of Turkey.    

The visitors appreciated children`s paintings that mostly pictured  the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, people with Turkish flag, martyrs lost their lives during the coup attempt night,  military people and tanks and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan which will all remain as iconic scenes to remind the traitorous coup attempt.