Turkish Maqam Classes is Starting!

This 10-week choir course will be one in which students will sing Turkish makam music from the Ottoman period to the present as well as special melodies from Anatolia. How these makams and melodies are formed will also be learned.

The “mesk” system, which is the educational system of the music, is suitable for everyone and it does not require any special qualifications in this course. Singing and hearing, are abilities which can be improved when trained. This course will be an enjoyable form of training and the student will become aware of the physical and mental changes within themselves as they train.

Regarding content; students will learn selected works from the repertoires of Ottoman Art Music, Anatolian Folk Music and Turkish Contemporary Music. The students will also go through training on sound, ear and theoretical knowledge with the books prepared by the instructor Baha Yetkin.

 Dates: Tuesdays, 28th January – 7th April* 2020

 Times: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

*There will not be any classes on 18th February