Volunteer Ambassadors Continue to Discover Turkey


Within “Turkish Summer School” project organized every year since 2010 by Yunus Emre Institute hundreds of students come to Turkey.

This year almost 1000 foreign students chosen among thousands of applications participate in the program will be held between 16 July and 12 August 2018.

While students participating in the program from 118 countries including Indonesia, Algeria, USA, Armenia, Israel, Cuba, Germany, England, Denmark, Palestine, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, French and Holland receive their Turkish education in 29 universities of our 27 different provinces, they travel historical and touristic places of our country and have the chance to observe Turkish culture on site.

Thousands of Students Discover Turkey

While students receive Turkish education in Malatya played baglama and danced the halay, they visited “Baklawa Museum” in Gaziantep and learned how to make baklawa with baklava master Mehmet Çolak within the project. Youth enjoying historical and natural beauties while picking up tea in Rize and hazelnut in Giresun, learned making thin liver in Edirne and specifics of marbling art.

Images from World Heritage List

Students receive Turkish education in Izmir Dokuz Eylül University with the participation of 25 students from 21 countries; observe Turkish culture and history on site at their leisure time. While youth discover historical bazaars and prominent structures of the city within organized travel programs and witness architectural accumulations fall into world heritage list such as Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary, both taste regional flavors and experience their making process.

Green and Blue

While 25 students from 16 countries participating Turkish lessons in Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University witness to several natural beauties from coast tour to lighthouse trip, from cave trips to boat tours, they also discover cultural background of the city from traditional handicrafts to instrument workshops. Students participating also sport activities such as sailing, bicycle tour, learn about traditional sports such as archery by experiencing them.

Cultural Journey

The group among them 25 students from 21 different countries develops their language levels in Afyon Kocatepe University. While they take a journey to Turkish culture in their travel programs organized after noon, they experience handicrafts in ceramic and marbling workshops, get to know Turkish long neck lute and folk dances closely. Youth discover neighbor cities at weekends, witness natural and historical beauties of Turkey.

Turkish Cinema Summer School

While “Turkish Summer School” will continue till 12 August goes on in 27 provinces at full pelt, every year something new is brought in.

The Institute organizes “Turkish Cinema Summer School” organized with the support of General Directorate of Cinema and cooperation of Istanbul Şehir University and only participants from cinema field take part in.

With “Turkish Cinema Summer School”, during which 23 young movie makers from 20 countries will be hosted in Turkey for 2 weeks, it is aimed to make foreign business environments and academicians related to film industry know Turkish cinema on site, foreign students and cinema environments to enhance their relations with Turkish cinema sector and thus international business cooperation to be increased.

In the program, youth have the opportunity to meet with important names of Turkish cinema except from academic lectures, also have the chance to get to know historical and cultural accumulation of Turkey closely.